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6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies


Teacher: Mr. Carl Alioto

Contact Information: calioto

Curriculum Goals & Objectives:

 Students in the sixth grade build upon their understanding of history by studying the people and events that led to the beginning of the major Western and non-Western ancient civilizations.  During each unit of study, emphasis will be placed on the everyday lives, problems, and accomplishments of people, their role in developing social, economic, and political structures during that time, as well as in establishing and spreading ideas that helped transform the world. Students will learn, synthesize, and discuss the similarities and differences between the world then and the world we live in now.

Titles of the Units Covered:

  •  The Beginnings of Mankind
  • The Ancient Middle East
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient China
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome

Field Trip:

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose

I am always looking for fun and educational places to visit and explore. This is a good possibility.

Late Work:

Due dates are set for my and the students’ convenience, so time is available for grading and feedback. Please refer to the Jr. High Handbook for the policy on missing and late work.

Grading:  A point system will be used to keep track of student successes in all classes. Objective evaluation reflects the percentage earned and a letter grade based upon the Diocesan scale.

  • Assessments FOR learning: an evaluation tool used to guide and monitor the progress of student learning during instruction. Its purpose is to provide continuous feedback to both the student and the teacher concerning learning successes and progress toward mastery.
  • Assessments OF learning: an evaluation tool generally used at the end of an assignment, unit, project, or chapter. These types of assessments are more formal kinds of assessments (e.g., unit tests, final exams, projects, reports, and presentations) and are typically used to evaluate student mastery of intended learning outcomes.

Assignment Posting on the St. Mary Homework Website:

Daily homework, tests, quizzes and projects will be posted on each class’s respective website.


Ancient Civilizations, Prentice Hall, 2006.  – In addition, videos and other secondary books and internet activities will be used as supplemental material.